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Make the internet a safer place for you and your family with this all-in-one digital security solution.

We’re doing more online than ever before – making us more vulnerable to fraud and online threats. MetLife Identity & Fraud Protection powered by Aura helps safeguard the things that matter to you most: your identity, money and assets, family, reputation, and privacy.

Benefits of MetLife Identity & Fraud Protection powered by Aura

Identity Theft Protection

Keep your identity secure with proactive monitoring and alerts if threats to your personal info—like your bank accounts, credit, Social Security Number, IDs, and more—are detected.

Financial Fraud Protection

Get alerted to new inquiries to your credit, suspicious transactions on your bank accounts, and changes to your home or car title.

Privacy & Device Protection

Shop, bank, and work online more safely and privately with safety tools including VPN/Wi-Fi security, antivirus, and password manager. Aura also requests removal of your personal info from data broker lists to help reduce spam like robocalls, robotexts, and more.

Customer Service

Get 24/7 customer support to answer account, technical, or billing questions. Plus, resolution specialists provide white glove case management services to victims of fraud.

For complete plan details, speak with your company’s benefits administrator.

Identity & Fraud Protection powered by Aura offers effortless protection & privacy whenever you go online

  • Keep your registered accounts and identity safe
  • Protect your finances and credit
  • Protect your Wi-Fi network and devices

Online interactions are at an all-time high. 89% of employees say that having access to an identity theft product provides peace of mind.1


You do so much online from banking to shopping, which makes your personal information more vulnerable. In fact, the average consumer spends over 7 hours a day online2 and in 2021, $6.9 billion dollars was lost to Internet crime across all age groups3. Identity and Fraud protection powered by Aura helps give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken a big step in protecting yourself from online threats, identity theft, and fraud.

Aura offers robust protection by monitoring your personal info, credit, finances, and devices and alerting you of suspicious activity. It even takes proactive measures to help stop fraud before it happens. If you are a victim of fraud, an experienced Resolution Specialist will help you navigate credit bureaus, help initiate credit freezes or lock, and work with you to resolve your fraud incident.


Aura monitors your credit, financial accounts, home & auto titles, and more. You’ll get alerted to credit inquiries, like if someone tries to open a new credit card or bank account in your name.

Every plan comes with intelligent safety tools, including VPN/Wi-Fi security, antivirus, password manager, and more to protect your online privacy and data.

Through extensive monitoring of your Social Security Number, driver’s license, passport, ID, and more. Plus, Aura requests the removal of your data from broker lists to help reduce spam like robocalls and robotexts.

Aura will let you know if your credentials have been found on the Dark Web. The password manager lets you change passwords with one click for select sites.

Credit monitoring helps detect possible financial and identity fraud by monitoring changes to your credit report. This helps you stay on top of your credit and protect your credit score by receiving alerts if suspicious activity is detected.4

Account owners can add up to 10 adults to their plan, no matter their age or address. Adult members will have their own account and enjoy the same benefits and their info is kept private from other adults on the plan.

Account owners may also add up to 10 unlimited minors (under 18) to their plan, if they have parental guardianship rights over the minor. The minor’s alerts will be available for only the account owner to review. 

VPN (virtual private network) protects your privacy online. It hides your IP address so you can browse the internet with confidence. Turn on the VPN when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi networks, like hotel or coffee shop Wi-Fi, in order to keep your online activities private and secure.

Every digital security plan comes with $5 million identity theft insurance.5

1 2022 Identity Breach Report, Accessed September 2022 Q&A: Identity Theft Benefits More Relevant Than Ever - HR Daily Advisor,, Accessed 8/2022

2 Time spent with digital media in the U.S. 2011-2024, Accessed September 2022

3 Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Report 2021 (FBI IC3 Report), Accessed 2022

4 The score you receive with Aura is provided for educational purposes to help you understand your credit. It is calculated using the information contained in your TransUnion or Experian credit file. Lenders use many different credit scoring systems, and the score you receive with Aura is not the same score used by lenders to evaluate your credit.

5 As a component of becoming an Aura Plan member, Consumers receive identity theft insurance through a group policy issued to Aura which is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company, which is not an affiliate or subsidiary of MetLife. Checking & Savings Cash Recovery and 401(K) & HSA Cash Recovery are part of and not in addition to the Expense Reimbursement limit of liability. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms‚ conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions effectively.

Aura is a product of Aura Sub, LLC. Aura Sub, LLC. is not affiliated with MetLife, and the services and benefits they provide are separate and apart from any MetLife product.