Our financial wellness solutions are designed to meet employees where they are through our multi-channel approach with easy to set up programs and turnkey impactful communications.

Did You Know?

Interest in financial wellness tools and resources as a “must have” benefit has increased to 44% in 2024.1

6 in 10

64% of U.S. employees say they are looking to their employer for more help in achieving financial security through employee benefits.1

3 in 10

35% of employees state they are less productive because of financial stress.


Support your employees' financial health with virtual workshops and opportunities for an optional one-on-one personal consultation.

Digital Solution

A personal finance app focused on helping people save more, spend mindfully, and achieve their finance goals.

Transition Solutions

MetLife handles the conversion and portability needs of your group life insurance program, helping individuals make educated decisions regarding their loss of life insurance benefits. For MetLife Insurance customers only.

Resource for ChangeSM

Workshops and individual financial guidance for employees affected by changes in their group benefits in the workplace.


Financial Wellness Solutions FAQs

Financial education! At the workshop, you can expect relevant and practical information and the opportunity to have your questions answered by a specially-trained third-party financial professional. 

No. The workshops are free to attend. 

Information will be provided to you in your reminder emails. If you have yet to get an email, please check your spam. If you need additional help, please get in touch with us at 

You don't need to bring a thing. Just come ready to learn and ask questions.

Absolutely! We understand "life gets in the way," and that's why each session, while building on one another, also has clearly defined topics. But, to get the most out of our programs, we encourage you to attend every session.

Your company may schedule additional workshops in the future. Be on the lookout for information from your HR department to find out about upcoming workshops. You can still meet with a financial professional at your convenience.

There is no charge for the initial consultation. If you decide to engage with the financial professional further, there may be associated costs.

The consultation is your chance to get your financial planning questions answered, not just those about retirement. It will also allow you to discuss your goals and develop a plan of action. The meeting generally lasts about 30-45 minutes, and you may be asked to bring some of your financial documents with you.

Maybe you need a second opinion? Or even a first one? For many, meeting with a financial professional may be the best way to get started, even if you have one simple question. Sign up today for your free consultation. Visit to sign up for yours today!

No problem. A second opinion may identify ways to enhance your current strategy. It can also give you more confidence in your past and current financial decisions.

MetLife Personal Finance app and PlanSmart are products of MetLife Consumer Services, Inc. (MCS). The Personal Finance app is available at no cost to all individuals and regardless of any MetLife relationship or product. MCS administers the PlanSmart program and has arranged to have specially trained third-party financial professionals offer financial education. The financial professionals providing financial education are not affiliated with MetLife but are providing the program under a service provider contract.] 

Any content in the MetLife Personal Finance app, any PlanSmart workshop or any other information related thereto is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide legal, tax, investment, or financial advice or make any recommendation as to whether any investment or savings option is appropriate for you. Each individual’s legal, tax, and financial situation is unique; therefore, you should consult with your own attorney, accountant, financial professional or investment advisor regarding your specific circumstances. MetLife does not provide legal, tax, or investment recommendations or advice.  

Third-party financial professionals provide securities and investment advisory services offered through qualified registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. 6 Corporate Drive, Shelton, CT 06484, Tel: 203-513-6000. MMLIS is not affiliated with MCS or any of its affiliates.

1 22nd MetLife Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Survey (2024)

2 MetLife PlanSmart Internal Data (01/01/2007 – 12/21/2023)

3 MetLife’s 21st Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study (2023)