Global Procurement

Sourcing. Securing. Saving.

MetLife's Global Procurement is all about two things: risk and value.

The organization aims to secure the best value and manage the risk associated with our suppliers. We assist the MetLife organization in securing products and services in more than 23 countries, within the four major regions. (Asia, EMEA, LatAm and the United States)

Our sourcing categories include Business and Corporate Services, Global Labor and Consulting, and IT Goods and Services. Procurement Operations supports our organization through Procurement Systems which oversees our Global Procurement Platform, our integrated and automated solution of the full spend process from plan to pay, the Contract Management Group, Metrics & Reporting, our Third-Party Risk Management program and our award-winning Supplier Inclusion and Development program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a worldwide organization, MetLife is committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating processing deficiencies and to provide better controls to support all of MetLife’s Global Procurement policies and procedures. The MetLife Global Procurement Platform provides an integrated and automated solution for spend visibility, strategic sourcing and procurement to ensure effective management of the full spend process from plan to pay.

The cloud-based solution allows our regional teams to consolidate their spend into a single reporting system, providing a truly global view into their expenses, and a consistent and auditable trail for procurement transactions among many other strategic advantages.

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Research more about sourcing in Sourcing Supplier Participation Guide. For more information regarding our sourcing processes, please contact the Global Procurement Systems team.

The Contract Management Group (CMG) supports MetLife's Global Procurement team by engaging in negotiations with suppliers to contractually facilitate the needs of our business. CMG is staffed with contract negotiation professionals offering expert contract guidance and negotiation assistance in collaboration with MetLife Legal Affairs. CMG also acts as a facilitator to leverage agreements internationally, confirming corporate standards are met and the right enterprise stakeholders are engaged.

Please note: While CMG includes legal attorneys, CMG does not represent MLIC, MetLife or any MetLife affiliate as legal counsel.

Don't hesitate to contact us in the event you have a question related to your procurement contract with MetLife.

April 2017 Notice: MetLife New Address for All Supplier Contracts

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MetLife's award-winning Supplier Inclusion and Development program strives to introduce partnerships and promote the inclusion of qualified diverse suppliers in the strategic sourcing process. MetLife’s commitment to working with diverse business enterprises is fueled by the realization that we can benefit from the innovation and creativity of diverse business partners in many of the same ways that we benefit from the diversity of our own workforce.

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MetLife Supplier Inclusion & Development

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We are committed to providing certified diverse businesses with equal opportunity to become trusted suppliers of MetLife. In order to validate certification, a copy of your certification will need to be submitted during registration. Please note that registration is not a guarantee for business and contracts are not awarded based on diverse certification status. Register now through our diverse supplier portal.

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Risk is a big deal at MetLife. And so are the relationships we build with our valued suppliers.

Through MetLife's Third-Party Risk Management program, third parties are risk-rated, evaluated and managed. This ensures all sensitive MetLife and customer information is protected, and the value of each contract is realized.

As a valued third party to MetLife, we encourage your active participation and prompt responses to requests to help drive these MetLife processes. Your participation helps to build and grow the relationship between MetLife and your organization.

Contact the TPRM Program Office at any time; we're happy to answer your questions.

Our organization hosts a 10-week summer internship program for rising junior or senior university students that have a career interested in the various fields that support procurement operations, sourcing, and supply chain management.

As a Global Procurement intern at MetLife, you will support the Global Strategic Sourcing team on projects across a variety of indirect categories using the 7-step sourcing process. In addition, you’ll participate in initiatives across Global Procurement Operations which includes Third Party Risk Management, Data Analytics, Contracts Management Group, and other functions.

Interested students can get more information on this unique opportunity and apply online at the following link.