Climate Action

Climate Action

Pilot Hill Wind Project, Illinois. MIM-managed renewable energy investment. Photo by Daniel Peters

MetLife’s commitment to environmental stewardship has been a cornerstone of our 154-year history and is at the heart of our purpose. Our approach includes a comprehensive environmental, health and safety agenda that considers the need to use natural resources sustainably and be a force for good in the world.

Climate change poses an urgent risk for all our stakeholders, and we believe it is our responsibility to play our part in identifying solutions and building resiliency in a changing world. At MetLife, we are committed to minimize our carbon footprint. We manage and monitor climate risks while seeking opportunities to leverage our people, products, services and investments to support a low-carbon economy and create a resilient planet. We support the intention of the Paris Agreement and the recent commitments made at 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

In 2016, we became the first carbon-neutral U.S.-based insurer. Since then, we have achieved carbon neutrality every year while reducing our energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Now, we have committed to 11 new global goals, MetLife’s 2030 Climate Goals. The 11 new goals aim to reduce the environmental impact of MetLife’s global operations and supply chain, while leveraging our investments, products and services to help protect communities and drive innovative climate  solutions.

In 2022, MetLife made a public commitment to net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for its global operations and general account investment portfolio by 2050 or sooner.1 This commitment builds on our existing 2030 climate goals to substantially reduce GHG emissions in line with the UN Paris Agreement.  The scope applies to GHG emissions from MetLife, Inc.’s owned and leased offices across the world, automobile fleets, employee business travel, and assets in MetLife’s general account investment portfolio. Emissions are tracked and reported in accordance with the GHG Protocol.  MetLife is committed to identifying, measuring and analyzing climate data, as well as risks and opportunities, as measurements and standards evolve. While the exact technologies, policies and strategies to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions are not known at this time and many uncertainties remain, MetLife will continue to strive to be a force for good in the world.

Our approach to addressing environmental issues has three focus areas:

1. Ensuring resilient operations
2. Protecting communities
3. Driving climate solutions 

For more information on our work on climate change, please read our statement on climate change. For information on our environmental priorities and programs, please read MetLife’s Global Environmental Policy Statement.



2030 Climate Highlights

Resilient Operations

  • Maintain carbon neutrality annually for our global offices, fleet, and business travel.
  • Reduce location-based GHG emissions by 30% from 2019 to 2030.
  • Achieve green or healthy building certification for 40% of our global office portfolio (sq. ft.).
  • Mobilize 100 suppliers to set a GHG emissions reduction target by 2025.

Protecting Our Communities

  • Plant 5 million trees, prioritizing areas vulnerable to natural disasters.
  • Engage and educate 50,000 stakeholders on environmental stewardship annually.
  • Commit to grant $10 million to environmental causes by MetLife Foundation.

Driving Solutions

  • Commit $5 million to develop products and partnerships that drive climate solutions.
  • Originate $20 billion of new MIM-managed green investments.
  • Originate $500 million of new MetLife impact investments, with 25% allocated to climate change priorities.
  • Power all MIM-managed and controlled real estate investments with 100% renewable electricity.


MetLife’s climate priorities include:

  • Implement initiatives to mitigate MetLife’s direct and indirect GHG emissions
  • Reduce energy consumption through effective energy management policies and invest in new green technologies
  • Improve the environmental impact, financial performance and resilience of MetLife facilities
  • Facilitate waste reduction, recycling and reuse efforts globally
  • Engage employees on environmental issues and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Work with suppliers to reduce environmental impacts and disclose climate change risks
  • Implement healthy building strategies to maximize the well-being of our employees and occupants

Our Purpose

We strive

1 The net zero commitment applies to greenhouse gas emissions from MetLife, Inc.’s owned and leased offices across the world, automobile fleets, employee business travel, and assets in MetLife’s general account investment portfolio, which includes the general accounts of MetLife, Inc.’s wholly owned insurance company subsidiaries, where data and methodologies are available. Emissions are tracked and reported in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Read more about MetLife’s climate commitments below.  Additional information about MetLife’s general account investment portfolio is available here.